Saturday, March 20, 2010

[ ][ Other Fun Sites Some fun sites to visit: ]

Blue highlighted websites are those which I recommend you to visit, if you haven't visited them before.

Other Fun Sites

Some fun sites to visit:

Bacon Babble : Funny articles and pics
Fork Party : Funny pics, lists, and videos - Alexa Ranking 27,000
College Humor : Funny articles, pics, and videos
Top Tenz : Life, on a short list, Top 10 Lists
Steven Humour : Funny pics, videos, and links
Funny Pics of the Day : New funny pics every day
Instructables : Tons of how-to articles
Ring O Rang : Where it Pays to Know Stuff
Laughable Lists : Thousands of funny lists
Rate My Everything : Rate and review everything - Alexa Ranking, 55,00
Aquaviews : Scuba diving articles

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