Thursday, April 1, 2010

Busy bee.

Teeth. No good. It seems the filling got out. I mean, it was only past a day. It seems to show that black lines again.

Yes, I know you people are not interested, really! in my dental hygiene. But, I'm not suggesting either that it won't be interesting. Just for the sake of reading read on.

Black lines are suppose to be the insect we should all fight.
 To fight the black insect right
 Is the key to our might
 Only this way we can stay upright
 And also, can I say uptight,

Anyways, too fast things done in too little time. It will definitely create [ker-reate] problems. As a result, I may suggest you that,
- questions as much as you like,
- take down as many questions as you like, and ask them doctors. Tell them, please be kind enough to answer my question.
- Remember what you felt with your tongue or else with your mirror the deformities, the discoloring or anything you felt.

Always, remember. You are you caring for yourself. Please, be gentle.

Temperamental dental ?

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