Sunday, February 27, 2011

The awesome "Revolting Rhymes" by Dahl and awesome excerpts from them. They are revolting!!! indeed sir indeed!!! (hate me for using 3 exclamation marks, everything is revolting indeed.) You get the story in 1 line.
... when the prince sees whom the shoe fits, he decides not to marry
her, and instead cuts off her head.
Jack's mother then ascends herself, but is eaten.
"Gambling is not a sin / Providing that you always win"
[I'd say the story is about Hyper Snow white or Snow white on meth (a drug!)]
...the title character is eventually eaten as a punishment for these
...devours Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother. "The small girl
smiles/Her eyelid flickers/She whips a pistol from her knickers/She
aims it at the creature's head and BANG! BANG! BANG! she shoots him
... dead.")
The third pig has other plans, however, and asks Little Red Riding
Hood to come and deal with the wolf. Ever the sharpshooter, Red Riding
Hood gains a second wolfskin coat and a pigskin traveling case

Okay! thats about it. The article is done. But if you want to copy
paste or modify the article for blog/website etc. Do that, but do me a
favor mention this website address as well. That's called share-alike
creative commons license. Go and be hell! revolting! with your own
revolting stories.


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