Monday, February 7, 2011

What would you do if, you tried to help and the response on the other side STINKS?

Source: Reddit

The Story is: some_nerd_dropped_his_wallet_on_the_train_this and the redditor tried to help

Comment I wanted to share given on reddit by: ph0replay 

"I was out one night in Port Dalhousie, Ontario, drinking with some of my friends at one of the many bars down by the water. I found a phone, and scrolled through the contact list, trying to find someone to text in hopes of getting the phone back to the owner.

Eventually, I managed to get a hold of the guys the owner was out with, and told them to meet me down by the pier. As soon as the kid shows up, he decides that instead of thanking me, he is going to throw a punch at me. Luckily, I was more sober than he, and just stepped to the side, causing him to fall over. After he oriented himself, he rolled over and looked at me. I then looked him in the eyes and threw his phone into the water.

As Larry David said, "That is the last time I ever give anyone the benefit of the doubt."

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