Wednesday, March 16, 2011

600 pound bear in my yard.

Ok, so a little back story. This bear has been coming around my house for a good 3 weeks now. He's maybe 5 or 6 hundred pounds (Pretty damned big for a black bear, especially just coming out of hibernation.) The game warden in my area is a lazy fuck and was taking his sweet time to get a trap around and get his ass over here.
Anyway, legally, the only way I could take care of this bear myself was if he actually entered my home, which he has done before. So I sat in my garage at night for countless hours, motionless, with my gun in the firing position, waiting for him to come in. (Damn did I ever want to take him. He would have made a HUGE rug).

I'm giving only one Comment, you can go for more via the above article link.

If you do feed it, I think it's important that you try to do it in a way that prevents the bear from instantly associating an approaching human with being fed. If the bear gets a sausage every time it sees you, it will get used to approaching humans for food, which would end up being dangerous for both the bear and other people once it's released.

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