Monday, March 28, 2011

Talk about high resolution (4K) - four times the quality of 1080p on youtube, ain't that an awesome world :_)


To illustrate the power of 4K, please check out the videos in this playlist; each one was created by a filmmaker with access to a 4K camera. (Be warned: watching videos in 4K, even on YouTube, will require ultra-fast high-speed broadband connections).

Because 4K represents the highest quality of video available, there are a few limitations that you should be aware of. First off, video cameras that shoot in 4K aren’t cheap, and projectors that show videos in 4K are typically the size of a small refrigerator. And, as we mentioned, watching these videos on YouTube will require super-fast broadband.


and that's why, i'd say Youtube rocks. How many would have thought about it, a few years aback. Few! i'd say. That's just breath taking, ah! I wish ... youtube be useful for people in the years to come. Wish you luck, people of youtube. Everybody would love you for forcing the technology savvy companies to built more awesome machines (powerful i meant). So that we could watch those awesome videos.

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