Saturday, March 5, 2011

What should I write, What can I write?

I am in a fix nowadays. The target is 00, but I know I won't reach it because it is close to impossibility considering the pass performance. I just wanted to write a post today because it's been quiet a while since I had written any post and for blogging atmosphere and blogging demands IT HURTS the blog - the ratings, the performance. I know my blog STINKS a lot. I know all of that. It's just that, I am contributing to the blogosphere in my way and that matters to me.

If you have any UNIVERSAL questions to ask me, go on. 

Something related bad happened, it would be far better if I say SAD happened. You know what happened, nay! you don't have a clue. Listen up! a dude, on the basis of doubt threatened his friend --- which is extremely sad and rubbish and awkward and absurd to even think about. No, it's not that 'extremely sad and rubbish and awkward and absurd' because you may have done it too. But the threat was JUST UNCOOL one. I was really disappointed. 

Ok! you get the hearty inside scoop. Me gotta run away now. Chillz! (a pun used, you may interpret it in whatever you like.)

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