Monday, August 29, 2011


How hard is to wait? How hard is to wait and utilize that wait for some purpose, if not a single goal one is focused on. What is wait, anyways, wait is a creature ready to devour especially when a lover's love gets lost in that wait, it can be in a rare cases excite the lover to the extent of Romeo and Juliet and Sassi Punoh (Sub-continental love story). 'Wait' is a blessing that emanates a golden being out of you.

I think, 'Wait' is not Western Australia (wa) - a land or Web Accessibility Initiative (wai) - a computer thingy. It is wait, which is much harder to particularize/specify, a relative term.

A relative term that would only make sense when you really want it to make sense. It is more of a feeling, you hold on for long - to fight that feeling of wait. One stop waiting for no reason at all, at times. Start enjoying the wait by doing anything you feel like doing. Just don't let your mind Wait just for the sake of Wait. Maybe, the opposite of Wait - Tiaw - The International Alliance for Women (TIAW) will make more sense. They are not waiting, women have turned 'wait' upside down!

Probably listen to this song and you'll know what 'Wait' I'm talking about :}

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