Sunday, September 11, 2011

Farsi/Persian - Paulo Coelho on his blog has given away all his books for free to download, share, print and distribute! that's what Paulo Coelho Blog says!

I'm sharing for the moment the Persian version of his books available to download for free.

Who is Paulo Coelho anyways? You are joking me. He is the author of one of the most famous books ever! Alchemist.

Need to know more see Wikipedia:

I've removed the links again! I'm not sure is it legal or not. Read it on I'm not sure what is what is not. The author of these books have given a lot of books free and says: "I asked the original site to put this URL here. I am reproducing here what I found in the Web as for Aug 2008. I am just facilitating but keep in mind that – except for the Portuguese books – this may be considered illegal." Therefore, I've no choice but to remove the links. Dammit!

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