Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I've no idea why the world population is a world problem?

George Alio said,

I disagree with the fact that world population is a problem. Why? Let's see.
1. The world population is around 6.94 Billion. And it will dramatically increase. If it increases, I find it absolutely necessary to spread the populations in vast areas which are barren or mountainous areas where hardly any population exists. I find it absolutely necessary to build sustainable houses. I find it absolutely necessary to innovate and make Moon our first destination. I find it absolutely necessary to make artificial islands.
2. I find it awkward why the Governments and people talk about dramatic increase in population and they don't talk about the amount of money a particular has. It is for the very first time, individual power is manifolds increased, research has 1000 times multiplied. Population growth is not the problem, has never been a problem because if it were a problem then we, humans, have been killing animals in huge numbers. Did we die because of it? no, we suffer losses, we learn from the environmental damage we do and we live on like lizards, so to say, determined to fight with anything and everything we can. I really recommend people to watch "All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace" - a documentary made by BBC on youtube. What it taught me is this, 'we all claim to know The System'. and that is the complete statement.
3. My last point is, stop thinking that world will collapse. It was suppose to collapse on the very day, we as a SPERM came in our mother's womb. Because, we had 2 Billion or even more brothers and sisters to be given a chance to live life, grow, experience life, talk about world collapsing and all that. The world collapsed for those whose loved ones died in wars, in diseases and for those who suffered in poverty, in depression. It's cool to innovate, and NASA or any space agency that gives us a chance to venture into different universes is awesome.

George Alio

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