Wednesday, September 7, 2011

There is no such thing as propaganda! - read "most probably" with every sentence

It (influence of propaganda on you) depends on your personality. Your perception of everything you take in your mind. It affects you directly for no apparent reason (It can affect you for ANY reason, whatever it may be). Propaganda is created in a vulnerable mind. Therefore, all we have to do, omit "all" in the first part of the sentence - we have to commit to analyzing each and every part separately of every statement, of every video tape we see, and come to first the neutrality of the subject and only then choose, if one has to, a side, right or left.

What THE HELL AM I TALKING ABOUT? Hmmm, interesting, quite rude, I must say "ALL CAPS".

I'm talking about the indoctrination of any sort. No indoctrination is without you being consumed in it i.e. you wanting to be part of it because of your lack of control. It can happen to anyone. You are always always in essence meant to choose your destiny. Even if it's fixed, even if it's in your control - whatever your belief may be. In essence, the core spirit of it is you have control over it, if you shape your world analyzing your best chances of survival i.e. philosophical statement might cover it and it is "Life is a struggle, and start enjoy every bit of it's complexity! and only then you'll come close to understanding your true nature".

Therefore, I conclude, Politicians are not doing any kind of indoctrination, they are using POWER (of many sorts; media, physical, power of speech etc) to getting their ends meet (getting their agendas to a conclusion).

That's about it people. The above paras were about.
  1. POWER OF PROPAGANDA (it has no power, if you are mentally powerful! - rationalist)
Maxxi The Philo

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