Friday, September 9, 2011

Who is Stephen Hawking?

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking at NASA, 1980s
Born Stephen William Hawking
8 January 1942 (age 69)
Oxford, England
Residence England
Nationality British
Fields Applied mathematics
Theoretical physics
Institutions University of Cambridge
California Institute of Technology
Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
Alma mater University of Oxford
University of Cambridge
Doctoral advisor Dennis Sciama
Other academic advisors Robert Berman
Doctoral students Bruce Allen
Raphael Bousso
Fay Dowker
Malcolm Perry
Bernard Carr
Gary Gibbons
Harvey Reall
Don Page
Tim Prestidge
Raymond Laflamme
Julian Luttrell
Known for Black holes
Theoretical cosmology
Quantum gravity
Hawking radiation
Influences Dikran Tahta
Albert Einstein
Notable awards Wolf Prize (1988)
Prince of Asturias Award (1989)
Copley Medal (2006)
Presidential Medal of Freedom (2009)
Spouse Jane Hawking (m. 1965–1991, divorced)
Elaine Mason (m. 1995–2006, divorced)

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