Sunday, October 23, 2011


Source: Antisexualism

The antisexual movement promotes antisexualism as a way of life. Antisexuals are not always asexual, although they say it is not impossible to become asexual and they seek asexuality, but the reasons for their antisexuality are often based on their reasoning or morals. A few of the claims some antisexuals make include:
  • Sexuality can complicate relationships (as when people are hostile towards each other because they are sexually attracted to the same person).
  • Sex may hinder one's spiritual development.
  • Sexual desire can cause people to place primitive instinct ahead of intellect (people across the world continue to have unsafe casual sex despite their awareness of the dangers of STDs, for example).
  • Sexuality asserts itself in the human mind by releasing neurochemicals comparable to addictive drugs into the brain.
  • Sexual desire can cause people to lie and cheat in the pursuit of sexual relationships.
  • Sexuality can lead to discrimination, based on perceptions of sexual immorality and intolerance of certain sexual preferences.
  • Sexual desires could be false assumptions that are foisted on you by society, hence you may need to look at how your sexuality is ideologically and institutionally constructed.
  • Sexuality, which is usually based on notion of physical attractiveness, encourages and justifies obliviousness to the unfairness of discrimination against people who are deemed unattractive by others.
  • There is no difference between consent and coercion; sex is a means of oppression.
  • There is a link between unrestricted reproduction, resource depletion and environmental decay. This is a position ideologically connected to deep ecology, antinatalism and Malthusianism.
  • Mother-roles are a construct used to subjugate women, hence they may oppose procreation. This argument chimes with certain feminist and queer theories (lesbian, pro-celibacy and Green feminism), but not others.
  • Male dominated families can be harmful entity for society, which is similar to the theory of Marx and Engels that male dominated family structures which reduce females to objects of reproduction and household chores are more a form of 'prostitution' than one of ethical family values. Some Marxists have advocated the abolition of the family and communal living.
  • Sexual behavior evolved for human reproduction. If life is more a burden than a joy, one does a service to would-be offspring by not having them.
  • Technological advances render sex obsolete.

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