Friday, October 28, 2011

How to make money? How economies change? How to become rich?

From Poor to Rich. All they [economies] do is this. And as an individual you can do the same.

Case 1: Change from Agriculture to Manufacturing to Service industry.
Case 2: Manufacturing to Service industry.

Manufacturing = Work done in factories
Servicing = Sales and Maintenance of sales

As an individual you can search out for in what industry you want to go and work towards it. Find yourself (your abilities) in this chaotic world and then, you'll be able to put yourself in this concept of finding an industry.

Google search what includes in Manufacturing industries or Service industry or even Agriculture industries (you cannot live without food, can you?)

I hope you understand where you stand right now. And I wish You all become what You want. And stop believing in yourself as a whole and start believing in the minor abilities you have for example your ability to enjoy people laughing, lame example but hopefully you'd work out what I'm trying to convey :)

a thought!

This article made me right what I wrote above.

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