Saturday, October 15, 2011

"NEEDLE FREE INSULIN" Source page: "Advantages Needle-free injection technology offers a number of advantages over needle based injection methods; Safety, use of needle-free injections avoids risks of accidental needle stick injuries for friends, family and healthcare workers. Contaminated needles can transmit HIV, hepatitis, and other blood-borne pathogens, and pose a major risk to health. Reliable, repeatable delivery of insulin into subcutaneous tissue. Remove the danger of needle-stick injuries. Ideal for those who dislike injecting with needles. Removes the need for disposal of contaminated sharps. May help avoid skin problems associated with using needles The only maintenance needed for the SQ-PEN is to change the nozzle assembly once every two weeks. Is needle free suitable for me? Fed up or wary of using needles? Worried about other people accidentally pricking themselves with your needles? Needing to start insulin but not wanting to insert a needle in your skin? Pen device too difficult to use? Needles painful? Only using one injection site? Unwilling to commence a more intensive insulin regimen involving more needle-based injections? Unable to inject the insulin into yourself and needing carers to undertake this for you." If you've used it, please comment. You can search for "Needle Free Insulin" on this topic: Youtube - needle free insulin

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