Friday, December 30, 2011 - Artists: sell your music & merch directly to your fans.

Heft amount of taste of music available on

Pricing feature:

"How do I get paid, and how often?
When a fan makes a purchase, the money flows directly from them into whatever PayPal account you specify (Bandcamp doesn't hold your money)."

BandCamp (

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One of the questions from FAQ's on the site: [and whoever is in the music industry or just starting out, should comment on it!]

OK, but how about making the streams on Bandcamp 30-second snippets?
We again refer you to the wise words of Andrew Dubber. Here's the abridged version:
"Music is pretty much unique when it comes to media consumption. You don’t buy a movie ticket because you liked the film so much, and while you might buy a book because you enjoyed reading it so much at the library, typically you’ll purchase first, then consume...But music is different — and radio proves that. By far the most reliable way to promote music is to have people hear it. Repeatedly, if possible — and for free. After a while, if you’re lucky, people get to know and love the music. Sooner or later, they’re going to want to own it...whether it’s a pop tune, a heavily political punk album, or an experimental, avant-garde suite — the key is very simple: people have to hear music, then they will grow to like it, and then finally, if you’re lucky, they will engage in an economic relationship in order to consume (not just buy and listen to) that music. That’s the order it has to happen in. It can’t happen in any other order. There’s no point in hoping that people will buy the music, then hear it, then like it. They just won’t. Nobody really wants to buy a piece of music they don’t know — let alone one they haven’t heard. Especially if it’s by someone who lies outside their usual frame of reference. And a 30-second sample is a waste of your time and bandwidth. It’s worse than useless. That’s not enough to get to like your music. Let them hear it, keep it, live with it. And then bring them back as a fan."

If you know of any site that makes genuine effort in making money for deserving people, do share!

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