Monday, April 30, 2012

Do you think 'Mackie The Knife' was Bisexual?

Mackie The Knife had two wives, and for further sexual gratification he used to visit a couple of brothels. Ginny Jenny and Taudry was his favorite two whores.

Whats interesting is here the fact that Tiger Brown goes to extreme measures in order to save Mackie, Best London master mind thief and Brown's best friend. Brown and Mackie had spent time in fighting the battle for colonialists. This bond takes interesting shapes when Brown simply cannot or better will not capture Mackie unless a force bigger than himself comes over and over powers him.

Mackie's confidence in Brown's art of not seeing or recording Mackie's crime and having the belief described in words to Polly that Brown does not have the heart to capture him and the fact that he will feel extremely sad and will cry shows that the relationship was more than a brotherly bond. It was a sexual relationship.

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