Sunday, April 1, 2012

Super S Rank Top Secret Mission - Naruto Shippuden Episode 254 - Comments.

Clumsy animals, doing clumsy stuff. Naruto acts one of those animals he is checking. The identity of one of the animals needs to be identified, whether the animal is a he or she. It turns out to be a he. Naruto constantly comes into contact with male members more than female characters.

Naruto kissed Sausuke, accidently but have never, I repeat never kissed a girl. Naruto's movie also featured Kakashi and Naruto at the end getting confused about their relationship. (Naurto's movie in which Kakashi has to sacrifice himself, to save Hidden Leaf Village). Here again, the same concept is applied. A He animal loves Naruto.
Is Naruto gay, it will never be proved nor audience looks at it this way. Just clues keeps on coming.

All in all this "Super S Rank Top Secret Mission" is a piece of crap but Naruto Shippuden Episode 257 will be a blast because Kabuto and Madara is on the move with all of their Reanimated comrades.

I will simply say, this episode is childish fun, gay fun, and nothing special. New episodes are better. But finally, the action is going to take place. Hopefully.

This episode anyone can pass and they would be okay, they would missed nothing.

To just google "Super S Rank Top Secret Mission - Naruto Shippuden Episode 254"

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