Saturday, April 7, 2012

This is nature, 100 Troops have died because Kashmir Issue is still an issue like all the BS issues of the world.

"Failure to agree on the status of the territory by diplomatic means has brought India and Pakistan to war on a number of occasions.

The Siachen glacier is known as the world's highest battlefield, and soldiers have been deployed at elevations of up to 6,700m (22,000 feet).

However, more soldiers have died from the harsh weather conditions there than in combat."

Siachen Glacier is nature's way of telling people 'STOP FIGHTING!' Solve issues and grow. We as humans were suppose to reach beyound our planets! I believe troops should be trained in education, drain human brains by exercising mentally and physically but fighting with no real aim in front is BS.

Siachen is an awkward place. In my opinion it is a place for Scientists, mountaineers and adventurers to explore extreme conditions but not a place for fighting. Pakistan and Indian Army, I request you to solve Kashmir Issue and make Siachen Glacier a place for the above mentioned vocations.

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