Friday, June 22, 2012

Sexuality is an exploration!

What about the people who are:
Mentally ill, blind, unemployed and sexually frustrated, low income labourers, handicapped - wheel chair, prosthetic etc, one eye blind, arms missing, burned, war affected soldiers and war effected victims, druggist, beings who are unable to comprehend wtf life is and as a result fall into drugs, magic and crazy things like not caring about their lives and being suicidal,

Who is to decide their sexuality? If they have to decide their own then I can pretty much say: Manly is a homosexual after being mentally fucked up with the definition of honesty and allowing Fidelia disguised as a male to say, He loves him and Olivia is a lesbian who finds the child like, sweet lipped boy attractive even when told that Fidelia is a boy she still can't believe because she does not want to believe. (The Plain Dealer by Wycherley).

Who are we to inhibit sexual practices of the unlimited amount of individuals 7.1 Billion? How we to comment on the infinite amount of variety of human beings? Do we even know the names of every diseased individual of the world? Do we even care about their sexual explorations?

A child explores to find answers. As individuals instead of inhibiting anyone sexual preferences we should all work
Towards making this world a better place, a better BREATHING place.

This whole rubbish written above was written to make you think. Birds eye view of sexuality is suppose to open your mind. The world has not morally degraded, we have evolved and we have 7.1 billion voices and to cater to as much needs as we can, we need not be autocratic.

Live and let live.

Words and actions are beyond our understanding and laws need to help society by accepting there is a need to
Flex laws for the variety.

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