Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Talent shows: Auditions Vs. Staged performances that follows!

What are your opinions on it? I was listening to Janet Devlin audition repeatedly because she is awesome, undoubtedly. But if you see any other performance of Janet Devlin it never matches her audition's performance. In her audition for Britain's Got Talent she sang Elton John's - Your Song. I had no idea this beautiful song existed until Janet introduced it to me.

And it is on a scale of 0-10, scores 10 for me in comparison to Elton's version which scores for me only 6.1 that's it. 

I would love to hear her songs which are clearly heard like her audition's performance. I've not come across any song in which I could hear her as well as I heard her in the audition. It is a shame! By the way, I've to add this - I was just thinking if she could get Madi Jane's team (the equipment and the sound engineer and stuff) I'd say, she'll make great songs.

What I found interesting about her voice and song choice is this: she has a crisp, raspy sound which is awesome and the song that suits her is obviously a song that has some narrative, a story that evokes feelings and touches you; the audience, the listener and person receiving on the other hand.

Taylor Swifts songs and Elton John songs will definitely suit her well. Any song with a narrative. I don't want to give a far fetched suggestion to Janet Devlin but this song Icarus by White Hinterland would suit her 100%.

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