Friday, July 20, 2012

Why do people get enraged by Thunderf00t's comments?

Thunderf00t believes in his rational arguments. He is living in a society which is suppose to promote free thought. YouTube is a US company. It is not suppose to cater to every belief system unless you want to work like, a filtered YT channel for Indonesians.

If YouTube is paid billions of dollars by Governments around the world then they can think about it. But YouTube is a place for common people uploading random stuff, and it's just absurd that with a limited budget and uploading capacity of 60 hours of content in a minute how can a video site cater to such demands of filtering. I would simply say, if YouTube team is able to keep hardcore porn away from YouTube, that's enough.

Thunderf00t takes time in making his videos. And thats the strength of YT. Individuals gaining fame from YouTube are replacing the hyped up traditional media, and I think that is great for the future of democratic media.

I don't like to side with anyone whether its Thunderf00t or anyone else because its not what I believe in. It becomes confrontational and illogical to the point that education recedes in the background and power-to-show-one's-skill-in-logic takes over. But I do believe that people have the right to do that.

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