Sunday, March 3, 2013

"I wish you wouldn't" attitude! - The Mighty Boosh TV Series snippet

HITCHER (Season 1, Episode 8) Scene 5. Naboo’s Trailer.

[Naboo and Fossil are sitting on a small couch drinking tea]

Fossil: And technically, you’re not a peeping tom if it’s one of your relatives. More tea, Naboo?
Naboo: No, I’m fine.
Fossil: [reaching for teapot] Well, if you’re not gonna have any tea, I am. I looooove my tea.
Naboo: [looking into his teacup] Oh no. Howard and Vince are in danger.
Fossil: [spitting his tea back into cup] How do you know?
Naboo: It’s written in the tea leaves. [he holds the cup out for Fossil to see, who takes it. It clearly reads ‘Howard and Vince are in danger’ in tea leaves.]
Fossil: Naboo. This is terrible. [throws cup on floor, and it smashes] But on the bright side, that means we can get together more. [Naboo gets up and goes towards the door] Naboo, where you going?
Naboo: I’ve got to go and save Howard and Vince.
Fossil: [leaping up beside him] I’ll come with you!
Naboo: No, it’s fine.
Fossil: No, Naboo! I must protect you!
Naboo: I wish you wouldn’t.

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