Monday, September 24, 2018

Charlie Chaplin - The Pawnshop

The Pawnshop is a play shop where adults become kids and have fun. It's the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory of jokes. Filled with physical humor that creates succession of tragic-comedic effects. The pawnbroker is this big fellow that expects everything to be orderly and quick. But to his dismay Pawnbroker's assistant is a clumsy clown. He is like Mr Beans but even more crazier. In this 26 minutes clip, I felt the destroying of the clock symbolizes human shackles. Pawnbroker's assistant is the protagonist who against all odds wishes to be like that kid in the park. The kid that does not worry about time, but wishes to play.

Pawnbroker's assistant and his playfulness with the other assistant creates drama and tension that satiates one's desire for suspense, but creates another desire to seek of discovery and result of the conflict! Both assistants tease each other--almost creating a brotherly scene where the dad is the owner of the shop while the kids have gone awry just to see the limits of the patriarchal head. The house is a chaos and this day seems to be the doom day where the drunkard lads cannot focus, and do want to focus. Only a miracle can save the day, but who will create that miracle?

One of the most funniest scenes is when the Pawnbroker's assistant is fired, and the assistant begs for one more chance, repeatedly. The soft hearted old big bear gives him another chance. The assistant's reaction is utterly hilarious. He jumps on him, the owner, like a little kid or a dog ready to lick one's owner face dry. And this scene made me laugh like hell.

The most memorable scene is when the assistant saves the day and instead of being fired, the owner thanks him. The resolution is wholesome and fills the heart with joy at the end. It's a comedy for all ages. 

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