Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fillings, Scaling and Extraction

These are the things I am suppose to go through nowadays. Don't like the sound of these confusing words. Especially if you talk about SCALING, I mean what scaling! scaling like in fish scales. What do they do.

The only thing I know. My teeth says, I suck in cleaning them. Maybe, it's natural and maybe it's not.

Apart from that it took around just 1 hour or so for M.S. to fill 5 of my teeth. Total 9 fillings and 3 scalings and 1 extraction (that is pulling out the tooth). Amazingly, he is very very quick. I mean the doctors A & R earlier told me that in a sitting only 2-3 fillings are done.

Then, I started reading Tooth filling replacement on ehow and Tooth care when you have filling. Needed to search more and will do more. You can see this blog and suggest anything you need to, dental health pure wealth blog.

Apart from that, I'll update you people in what is happening. So you don't worry.

And thank U U especially for visiting and being there. That means a lot.

And Thank U to my parents as well, they responded to my request quickly. They are sincere. Good for me and for them, I guess, I hope.

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