Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ban porno first, then Facebook or YouTube

There is no access to Facebook and Youtube the usuall URL type in way (i.e. by writing the address in the address bar).

You can't go to or

The above two websites along with some pages of wikipedia is banned. As the BBC report clearly suggests, Muslisms around the world are infuriated - because of a "Competition to draw Muhammad (P.B.U.H)".

Facebook says, there is no terms of violation on their part and they won't be removing anything. Youtube is engaged in solving the matter, ASAP. And wikipedia, why would wikipedia care, they want to spread info free of cost.

Hassan Mehmood from Pakistan

This is ridiculous. I find these to be ill-advised measures. Blocking websites in countries does not prevent the content from existing in the first place. I think the Pakistani government should move to ban pornography (which is still easily available) before they ban Facebook and YouTube which are obviously on the better side of human development.

Anyways, my point of view for this type of scenario is, read what Hassan writes. Ban pornography, if the Government wants to ban anything at all then first it should be pornography and not Facebook or Youtube, where academics go, where students make communities.

Actually, the point is - PORNOGRAPHY is okay for everyone to view but Drawing cartoons is not. CONTRADICTORY to what morals should be (not particularly to any religion).

Why banning pornography is given no heed? IDK [ - - ]

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