Wednesday, September 29, 2010


1. Cock of the yard - Judge Brack
2. Triangle is based on mutual understanding - Judge Brack
3. "people don't shoot their pet rooster" and certainly not their cock of the walk.
4. Hedda Gabler - i'm burning you child
5. Hedda seems to be extremely angry people calling books and words as child and as something really important than a human
6. Childish happy -- Tesman seems to be -- when Hedda Gabler tells him that he has burnt Eilert manuscript for his sake.
7. Hedda "at last such beauty" "Eilert had the courage to do one right thing"
8. Then hedda regrets doing that
9. "everything i touch becomes ludicrous and despicable" - Hedda says that, when Judge Brack tells Hedda that the pistol in Eilert pocket accidentally went off
10. "no longer free, not free, i can't bear that though" - when judge tells that he recognizes the picture

11. George tesman - concerned about his studies, his family, aunt julie, aunt rina and money

12. Aunt julie - concerned about george, misses him

13. Berta - diligent servant, always trying to please

14. Judge Brack - flirtious - cock

15. Elvsted lovborg - drunkard genius, now sober but in trouble

16. Hedda Tesman - vine leaves ; Dinoysian self (god of merrry making and wine)- aristocrat, pregnant, unhappy with life - cannot get what she needs from Tesman - her material desires Tesman cannot fulfill,

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