Monday, September 13, 2010

5 Practical Tips to Send email Fast or Send messages via messengers Fast. These tips are extremely useful for all types of internet users and for desperate/hungry for email users.

1. Using Google Talk Messenger

I use. this link. that is pop out window g talk.

2. Using Google Talk Messenger

I use gtalk installed version, quick to open. and quick to send Voice mail/message or email.

3. For  Messages use variety of messengers:

Google Widgets


More streamlined and very simple.

Online Widgets

4. Using Mobile Internet or Using Mobile Versions Webpages of Popular email Providers Like Yahoo, Hotmail or Google.

Google TalkPakistan in specific + International users in general:

Use mobile internet, if your package is activated would cost of you Rs. 10 for 3 MB for warid. Rs. 50 for 5 MB for Ufone. For Mobilink or for Zong, you've to search yourself. I told you the packages, I know of and are cheap. GSM sims have GPRS activated so really don't have to call the customer care numbers and ask the operator to activate GPRS.

From then, onwards, bookmark (will make it easier to navigate the next time) the mobile versions of yahoo mail (, gmail ( or Hotmail/Live ( - and the estimate of using 1 MB is, 1 MB mobile internet (i.e. WAP - Wireless Application Protocol) would make around 20-25 visits. If you don't believe me try it. It would only require Rs. 10, Rs. 50 or I don't know for other networks.

Info : mobile versions of any page opens up faster then usual versions because they don't have heavy things i.e. heavy pictures i.e. the size in KB or MB's are not huge but considering it's a mobile, the developers have minimized the sizes of just about everything they could, because mobiles are portable and with it comes more challenges.
Go to Wikipedia's Mobile version and bookmark it.

Tip: Popular social network also have their mobile versions. Go to facebook ( or search on google for " [ of site ] mobile version " for example - my space mobile version

5. Search on google: Not any impressive result, but with google you can always do certain things, like add forum in search, use quotation marks to be more specific. Okay! not an impressive trick, but check out the links below, you'll know what I am talking about.

Send Fast Email

Google search: send email fast

Fictional Writer:
Naeem Bukhari, the writer is based in Karachi occasionally posts here in this blog.

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