Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Security in Pakistan

Surely 'Security' is a relative term in any country facing with
constant threats.
It seems Pakistan is becoming more like Srilanka. Where Tamil tiger
vowed to never bow down.Popular News TV channels like GEO, EXPRESS
NEWS, ARY, DAWN NEWS, ROYAL AND DUNYA NEWS potray a Pakistan which no
one Ordinary can repair, they talk about the individual's self effort
to change theirself is required.
People in Pakistan report that outside every cantt school bunkers and
checkposts have been made.
Constant checking of people walking, on cycle, bike, car or truck by
Military police, law enforcement police, elite police and army guards
is a routine matter.
The checking is very very slow and tedious work. If anyone who is
committed to sacrifice, himself there are clearly simple loop holes
they can exploit.
Changing Yourself and making good friends and changing things with
them is the key.


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