Friday, September 24, 2010


Terry 09/23/10

I am pathologically early. What motivates me to this is the fact that I HATE being in a hurry.

This manifests itself thus: If I think it will take me an hour to achieve something, I give myself two hours to do so. Because of this behavior, I usually end up with time to burn.

However, this method WON'T work for you clock-watchers. It won't keep working if you keep whittling minutes off of it (you know what I mean - "I only needed 45 minutes last time, so I'll allot 45 minutes this time"). It only works for me because I remain willing to dedicate twice as much time to a task as I think it will take.

I've just come to the conclusion that the anxiety I avoid by taking a relaxed attitude toward time expenditure pays huge dividends in terms of real productivity.

As Doctor Who so beautifully put it: "More speed - less haste."

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