Saturday, October 16, 2010

Analyzin: !!$umtymz $peshal Ppl Cum In y0ur LiF3 0nli3 To t3AcH y0u h0w To LiV3 Alon3 With0ut th3M..!!

that actually means:
1. Somebody hurt U emotionally real bad.
2. U R extremely depressed right now.
3. U Use :P ;) :) most of the time in your conversation which U
didn't use with it.
4. making each letter show your disgust and anger is quiet visible
through the way of presenting the letter
5. The !! marks makes a smile which shows UR shock and at the end
these smiley .. representing with just two dots at the bottom like a
'i' dot dropped, shows UR hopelessness and despair and You being sad.
6. !! exclamation in English and two exclamations at the end and in
the start shows that, U R about to cry with extreme pain.
7. If you had written everything in a Mathematical tone it would have
simply, been "I hate special people that come in my life and leave me
8. The last but not least. You are right. At the end of the day, U
live, U eat, U die alone. These social system we have to live in,
unfortunately the only way to survive, emotionally, mentally and
physically. Breaking away from norms, you can try. But nature demands
natural ways of living - U feed on others. Obviously, your ways can
alter to your liking. No more lectures.

Be silent, Get enough sleep - Sleep is half-death, wait for that
half-death and wake up fresh.

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