Friday, October 8, 2010


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A boy named Donnie Decker, lived with his grandfather in Philadelphia, who sexually abused him. After the old man died, Donnie was finally free of the abuse he was put through. A family called the Keefers took Donnie in, as he had no home. He was a bit of a trouble maker. One police officer named Jack Rundle was called one day, by the Keefers, who he knew well. The Keefers were reporting strange liquid coming from seemligly no where.

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Don was at a restaurant with some other friends sitting at a table when rain started pouring down on their heads. The restaurant owner ordered Donnie out of the establishment and told Don that he was possessed and needed an exorcism.  

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After angry inmates complained, Donnie explained that he could make it rain when he wanted to, and proved his point by dumping rain on the jailor on duty. Eventually, he was released from jail and found a job as a cook at a local restaurant. His present whereabouts is unknown – as is the cause of the mysterious rain.

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