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What's the big idea?

We launched VODO in late 2009 to help creators promote and distribute
their independent films, music and books using Peer to Peer
technology. We believe there is immense untapped potential for
independent creators in P2P distribution. In fact, we think that our
new model of networked, free-to-share, peer-powered distribution will
soon present better opportunities for creators than the old
scarcity-powered models (theatres, DVD, etc.)

Each month we release and promote one free-to-share film, in
conjunction with our distribution partners. Since launch, we have
increased the typical monthly audience for our films from 150,000 to
around 850,000.

We offer downloaders the opportunity to become sponsors of our
releases, in return for a variety of incentives – for example, credits
in a future production, or a downloadable soundtrack. This kind of
sponsorship netted our made-for-VODO show Pioneer One $30,000 in its
first eight weeks and we've earned over $25,000 for The Yes Men Fix
The World in its first month.

For those that don't know, this compares very favourably with what an
independent creator would receive from a terrestrial, cable or
satellite TV station. One of the things that our artists really like
about VODO is that we don't take exclusive rights over their work --
as long as they're happy to make one free-to-share version available,
they can continue to sell their work however they like.

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