Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nobody should be allowed to torture other with words lest with physical action

It's sad. Baby born with a rare disease, with no kidney and no bladder + Mermaid syndrome. And the Christians ladies, as the writer of the article says, they (Christian ladies) yelled at them (him and his wife) with harsh and torturing words, “You’re killing your unborn baby!”

Now that's harsh. Somebody, tried to make a baby, after a lot of time, waited for months for the baby to come out. Made an effort to take part in creation. And even, then everything is not perfect, they had to suffer the loss, unbearable loss.

How merciless are those women, who are ready to insult people like this.

People, should people have a right to abortion. What do you say after reading the above article link, I've given.

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