Sunday, November 28, 2010


Privacy is a big concern. It will remain, forever and FOREVER! it seems. Gmail, hotmail and yahoo, provide us with awesome email services. Outlook express, Zimbra - yahoo email client and Thunderbird - open source email client. These costs us, nothing.

Was it ever, EVER! in the history of communication to even imagine, the cost to be FREE OF COST. No, it was not. It was simply, close to impossible to imagine this.

Now, as the concern for privacy heightens our worries for our privacy, companies, powerful and rich individuals, would like to have their own servers in their homes, where they could analyze data like Google or Yahoo. And they would like to break free from organizations that come in contact with people via the connection they've via the source of their computers, their networks and each and every device they own.

Internet organizations like
are some of the organizations by which you go through, before reaching and before communicating with your friends. So, don't try to be ignorant of the fact that INTERNET IS TRANSPARENT, INTERNET IS NOTHING OF THIS SORT. It is made to have a lot of connections like a telephone line, infact it uses the same signals.

The only possible way to come close to hiding your identity on the internet is, be your own server and name of your site. This limits you, in a way, which is not viable. Therefore, I may conclude the article like this, people of future generations, will try to win back the control by empowering themselves. Technology, will make us break free from the clutches of THE CONTROL --- whosoever has it right now.

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Zimbra -
Thunderbird -

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