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Source: Reddit, what was the stupidest way you almost died? I'll start; I dropped a McDonald's double-quarter pounder that was still wrapped on the floor of my car once and it wedged itself under the brake pedal. 

I'd been picking corn with my great-grandmother on her friend's farm. (I'm from Indiana) She saw a little silk-worm dangling by a thread from the driver-side window sill. She totally ran off the road into a ditch, back onto and across the road, almost hitting an oncoming car, then smashed through a mailbox on the other side and stopped in some farmer's yard. It was like some shit out of a movie. She was even screaming, "Ooh! A Woooorm!!!!" ala Chris Farley and bees. It was one of the things we laughed and laughed about on my last visit back to see her while she was in hospice.
edit to add: This is the same woman who I watched coolly pick up a stick and beat a copperhead to death once while we were out picking wild blackberries. And a damn silkworm almost did us in.
P.S.Read enjoy reddit and believe in reddit (that'll reddit will surely entertain you, educate you and make your life bearable )

I hadn't finished reading this web page of reddit. So, I need to post 1 more that is under the same heading.

Almost didn't post this, really embarrassing.
So I decided to take apart one of those disposable cameras. I had a screw driver in one hand and needle-nose pliers in the other. Now I don't know what size capacitor they use to power the flash, but I took the whole charge across my chest. All I remember is working to get further into the case with tools, and then black. I woke up dazed, still grasping the tools with the camera in my lap. I can only imagine how my wife would react to find me dead on the couch and trying to explain to family and friends at my funeral how it happened.

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