Saturday, April 2, 2011 - White Hinterland - Icarus (Free and Legal music - About RCRD LBL RCRD LBL is the premier online destination for free, curated, legal, MP3 downloads from the hottest marquee and emergent artists. RCRD LBL delivers free daily curated MP3’s on its website, through its content partners, and directly to you, on the RCRD of the Day daily email newsletter.)

Listen to White Hinterland - Icarus, an amazing song.

I am becoming huge supporter and promoter of Indie bands (no matter from which country they come from). I love the originality of Indie bands and Indie musicians that I just want to write Indie with a capital 'I'. I want to emphasize that fact that they are awesome. Go Indie people, go... musicians should make good music and promoters should find new ways to promote music and earn money for the musicians.

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