Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Apart from all this programming stuff. I really recommend you listen to this amazing series History of Titus Groan on BBC Radio 4 - Warning! History of Titus Groan per episode is 60 minutes and till now 5 episodes have been shared on Really becomes funny when the characters start talking about women hooters **


First edition cover
1946 First edition cover
Author(s) Mervyn Peake
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series Gormenghast
Genre(s) Gothic

Want to know about Plot of the Titus Groan here go to wikipedia - the Story is based on Titus, the 77th Earl of Gormenghast, struggling to free himself of all bounds. He does not want to live the same old boring life of an Earl. Titus' antithesis Steerpike creates the thrill in the novel. I would say, Titus is desperate to change his life for good and Steerpike is desperate to exercise the devillish inclinations of his mind. Sound is amazing. Perfectly executed.

Plot introduction
The book is set in the huge castle of Gormenghast, a vast landscape of crumbling towers and ivy-filled quadrangles that has for centuries been the hereditary residence of the Groan family and with them a legion of servants. The Groan family is headed by Lord Sepulchrave the seventy-sixth Earl of Groan. He is a melancholy man who feels shackled by his duties as Earl, although he never questions them. His only escape is reading in his library. His wife is the Countess Gertrude. A large-framed woman with dark red hair, she pays no attention to her family or the rest of Gormenghast. Instead, she spends her time locked away in her bedroom, in the company of a legion of cats and birds, the only things toward which she shows affection. Their daughter is Fuchsia Groan. At times snobbish, annoying, and self-absorbed, she can also be extremely warm and caring. Also in the castle are Sepulchrave's identical twin sisters Cora and Clarice Groan. Both suffered from epilectic fits in their youth, as a result of which their left arms and legs are “rather starved”. They have virtually the same personalities and neither is very intelligent – they are perhaps even mentally impaired. Both crave political power and dislike Gertrude, believing that she robbed them of their rightful place in the hierarchy of Gormenghast. Also important to the life of the castle is Lord Sepulchrave's personal servant, Mr. Flay who believes in strictly holding to the rules of Gormenghast. At the beginning of the novel, two agents of change are introduced into the stagnant society of Gormenghast. The first, more obvious agent of change is Titus Groan, the heir to Lord Sepulchrave. His birth interrupts the daily rituals which are practised at all levels of the castle society, from the kitchens to the Hall of Bright Carvings in Gormenghast's upper reaches. However, the novel only covers the first two years of Titus' life, and he plays a minor role. The second is Steerpike, a ruthlessly ambitious kitchen boy, who is the driving force for the plot of Titus Groan. His entry into Gormenghast society, at the same time as Lord Titus is born, introduces a steady rate of change into a stagnant world. Steerpike has an intelligent, Machiavellian mind and a talent for manipulation, but he can also appear charming and sometimes even noble.

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