Monday, September 12, 2011

How to wash your hands?

I've removed the imgur links out of frustration all together.

Read reddit instead. No instead!

I've removed it as a link even. Gosh! I've no clue why the world is so cruel!

Copyright. I don't own the copyright of the above image. I've given the above image so that people know and I myself get to know how this act of 'washing hands properly is done'. If I'm infringing your rights of the image inform me on and I'll remove the image. The image was uploaded by it's owner, I don't know who, I just saw it on reddit. Yup! (I don't have any idea! how they are allowed to share such awesome copyrighted stuff) I love reddit anyways. I hate or I'm close to the category of those who hate ;O Give me your details or else let the people get educated. I'm not here to infringe on anyone's copyrights. Thank you.

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