Saturday, September 10, 2011

[ JOKE ] 46.39 - 50 min. Engadget Interview + PSP talk

Which is quite funny! and Wozniak's whole interview was absolute fun. It was far far better than any Gates or Jobs interview.

Much respect for Wozniak. Love it! funny, focused, talkative in a queer sort of way.
Loved Wozniak's interview, he is so candid, to the point and wow what a straight forward in your face talker. It was brilliant.
Google it: if you wanna see this interview.

'Engadget Steve Wozniak Interview  video'. I'm not embedding/giving the interview here because I don't know whether Kevin Martin the uploader has the legally uploaded the 1 hour + interview or not. Therefore, I asked you to google it.

If somebody know that is it legal to post videos by him, let me know @

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