Wednesday, September 14, 2011 - I Recommend Numbuzz for PC, Mobile and Web users who have friends using varied chatting services

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Everyone has friends who uses Facebook (Social networking site), Hotmail or Gmail [email services]. Having friends in different places can be difficult to communicate with especially when a friend doesn't like to use a particular service.

Therefore, I recommend Nimbuzz (picture of how nimbuzz appears)

There are online sites as well like,, or for multiple sites, for Yahoo, for hotmail and for Gmail (Persoanlly, Gmail pop is quite simple and the best one!). But that is uncool! because the services are not good enough to be relied on like a software and in the later case restricts you to contact your friends from different networks.

There are softwares like Trillain which are very popular. But I would recommend Nimbuzz because of two reasons.

1st It gives you free call feature.
2nd It gives you file transfer functionality too.

So, go get Nimbuzz from my side. Let me know, if it's worth having or not.

Good luck to everyone existing in the Infinite Universe.

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