Wednesday, September 28, 2011 - "I drove a NYC taxi for 17 years AMA (self.IAmA)"


I would not recommend this job to anyone. Unless you are driven and independent and have another purpose to fill while driving. I wanted independence. I graduated from RISD then worked at Saks Fifth Avenue for about a decade, becoming an art director. Eventually I truly tired of the corporate BS. Free-lanced awhile, then plunged into the taxi scene thinking I could call my own hours and work at my own art projects. It doesn't work like that because the $ sucks so that you have to put in the hours. Also some garages require you to drive and pay a weekly fee. On my first day of driving I realized that I have a front row seat on NYC. Holy ShIt. A couple of years later I got a Yashica T4 and began a dialogue with New York City, day and night. I knew that if I shot a roll a day, I could wind up with a book. DRIVE BY SHOOTINGS 2000 published by Konemann.

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