Wednesday, September 14, 2011

[ Sensitive Topics ] What if you are born out of wedlock?

Reddit works by you or anyone posting in different /r/ - reddit rooms. Here is a girl who was born out of wedlock and the Reddit is answering her questions.

With that said as far the topic of the post goes, I must appreciate internet for allowing anyone and everyone to post anything and get a genuine reply from a popular + intelligent community like Reddit.

Bravo! real life questions right in the face.

[questions from users]polysyllabist 2 points
What do you think of your father's decision? Do you approve? Do you think it was warranted ... what was/in the nature of your mom/dad's relationship. Just a sort of 'fling' or was/is there something more there?
[the one who posted] skullxkid[S] 6 points
It was a mutual loving relationship. As far as approving/thinking it was warranted, that's a real mindfuck of a question from my vantage point. It's a bit hard to explain. I'm grateful to be who I am now. I've never been like, "Oh no, I am the product of something awful!" because it has always been made clear to me by my mom (and also my dad, the only time I saw him after I was old enough to understand the situation) that I was born from a caring relationship.

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