Saturday, September 10, 2011

What is Live Bookmarking? [You'll have to live bookmark muwasalat then ;) nah! not really! Yes you will... haha... that's all the comedians do all the time]

Ok! here goes.
Live Bookmarking is Bookmarking with live updates/rss feed integrated right in your browser. Still confusion, here is an example.

This is RSS Feed URL of - Ok! (you should say) You click on 'View XML' link under the reader buttons (what are reader buttons? hyperlinked buttons used to take to you to a particular RSS Feed client. Am I still not making sense? then hold on a tiny bit more. Please. I love teaching, dah!)

Clicking on 'View XML' will lead you to
this page (which is called RSS XML page):

Click on 'Subscribe Now' button:
[Viola! you are almost done.] What now appears is a dialog box/(a small box window) asking you to choose where you want your RSS FEED (the website you subscribed to (the website you wanted live update headings from)) to be viewed from. You have to choose location. I'd suggest 'Bookmark Toolbar' (Default/ or what appears is 'Bookmark Menu'). What does it mean? you suggest 'Bookmark Toolbar' what it means, I want you to have RSS FEED/Live Updates of Headings in your toolbar instead of saved yet again in Bookmark List which I personally don't see at all. As a result, you'll be updated to a particular site efficiently.

Click on 'Bookmark Menu' it will open up the list and choose 'Bookmark Toolbar'. You are done. Now where on Your Internet Browser Toolbar you will be able to see the RSS button and clicking on it will show the latest headings of

If you have any problems still. Or you still don't know what Live Bookmarking is and want to use it because it's awesome because everyone who knows what live bookmarking is use it then let me know. Use comment section below.

You can use this option also: (an easy way to subscribe)

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