Saturday, September 24, 2011

What is the problem of parents, really! Why parents fight with their kids? (An Average Family)

Why parents fight with their kids?
Financial problems. First of all, everything is linked with finances.
The day, the parents feel the kid has grown out of financial problems
new problems will emerge but until the kid grows old, he will have
infinite fights with their parents. It is a general rule of a nation
under the banner of 'Developing Country'. Everyone has fights, it is
not applicable to a developed country or a developing country. It is
more or less, a fact of life, finances keeps one independent. It is
just that the energy of the
youth is completely sapped by then. As a result, suicidal thoughts,
survival thoughts kicks in.

Secondly, parents fight with their children to improve the mistakes
they feel their children have which is obviously a good thing but why
do it the fight-way, why don't they it the right way. It is more fun,
interesting, engaging and thrilling. What am I talking about? here it
goes. If parents want to improve their kid/s why don't be their friend

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