Thursday, February 23, 2012

2000 organizations involved in the development of Fuel Cell!

Source: Battery University

"Will the fuel cell replace the battery?

More than 2,000 organizations throughout the world are actively involved in fuel cell development. There is a good reason for this - it's a great concept. And yet, since its invention in 1839 by Sir William Grove, the fuel cell has made little impact in our daily lives so far. In comparison, the internal combustion engine, a development that began at about the same time as the fuel cell, has far broader use."

How can you help?
By just spreading the words

Energy Web Directory

California Hydrogen Business Council

California Fuel Cell Partnership

Fuel Cells 2000

Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Letter

American Hydrogen Association

National Hydrogen Association

U.S. Fuel Cell Council

National Fuel Cell Research Center

National Energy Technology Laboratory

Hydrogen Energy Center

Hydrogen Powered World - Clean Energy Educational Trust 


If you think of any crazy idea that could be applied to battery or production of electricity, share with the world. We need to end poverty, produce electricity for everyone and get it done! And move our world to the moon or experience Kundalini.

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