Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The division between rich and poor

Moral, spiritual and material division

Considering the fact that morally, spiritually and materially rich people are lapsed. Likewise, poor people fall in this category at the same time because they have nothing to morally depend on, as food is the basic nourishment they find hard to get, spirtually as God or Spiritual being, they believe do not seem to see God or Spiritual force on their side and materially or marxism-ally, they are all the time fighting for whatever little gain they can get.

This division is NOT growing. I feel, population growth, Govt. having the power to eat, decimate and accumulate wealth have become entities who are controlling people.

People poor, middle or even rich are homogenized and hegemon-ized by their superior heads called the autocratic-democracies that are shaping up. It is like 1984 of Orwell, and Animal Farm of Orwell where power balance has been disturbed and the center looks confusing.

I'll end by saying this. Never, everything has existed in this extremes, in terms of power on both sides. The power held by the corrupt people and the power held by the good people.

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