Friday, February 10, 2012

[Must Watch] Google this - мастерпис.flv

Now, мастерпис.flv

You'd love it! A finger and a hand is just enough to make a classic peaceful piece of art.

I cannot give the link above and ask you to google it because Google polices don't allow anyone to post anything that is copyrighted and uploaded by an anonymous user :) So that's that! Just see and enjoy

See this label as well, if you've no time and still want to enjoy a couple of seconds you've got.


The above links are my collection. I'm not snotr or ihascheeseburger or collegehumor or anybody who is popular in video market. It is just a collection of a human effort not machines nor popularity. Raw Must See links, don't evaluate machine with my effort, I'm not a machine :)

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