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literature that uses sensical and nonsensical elements to defy language conventions or logical reasoning.

Nonsense writers

The most celebrated nonsense writers in English literature are Edward Lear (1812–1888) and Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) (1832–1898).
Other nonsense writers in English literature, Canadian literature, and American literature:
  1. Douglas Adams
  2. Ivor Cutler
  3. Dave Eggers and his brother Christopher, writing as Dr. and Mr. Doris Haggis-on-Whey
  4. Mike Gordon
  5. Edward Gorey
  6. John Lennon
  7. Spike Milligan
  8. Flann O'Brien
  9. Mervyn Peake
  10. Jack Prelutsky
  11. Laura E. Richards
  12. Theodore Roethke
  13. Michael Rosen
  14. Dr. Seuss
  15. Shel Silverstein
  16. James Thurber
  17. Alan Watts
  18. Roald Dahl
  19. Carl Sandburg
  20. Jean Shepherd"

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