Friday, March 9, 2012

The Bridge to Peace : Naruto Shippuden Episode 253, a view

To watch video, Google this "The Bridge to Peace : Naruto Shippuden Episode 253". Here you'll have commentary on the latest episode. Which was awesome, because...

Konan dies fighting Madara. The beautiful Konan with her deadly papers couldn't fight Madara, everyone tries to win over Madara but they are not able to.

Mr. Madara has his mask off, finally FINALLY!!!! It was cool to see his Senja-eye. It turns out he is originator of just about every mystery.

His mask comes out and is replaced with another mask. Which I think is simpler, not really classy! But I believe okay! Will work.

Naruto, Sausuke or any of the major characters yet to begin fighting. The game is now focused on Madara Uchiha and his revenge, with his accomplice Yakushi Kabuto. So the questions are boiling down to, will he be able to take revenge? will he take over the world? will he be able to destroy everything in his path? Will he be able to take over the world with his powerful negative spirit or not? Who will stop him? Will it Sasuke or Naruto?

What is your opinion?

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  1. Thanks for the awesome review. I really liked this episode, Konans attack on Madara was epic on a Ten Commandments scale. I know there are a few more episodes out there, but I stopped after this one to give my self a little break from Naruto. I have been catching up at and I must have watched 30 episodes in the past couple days. I went on a kick after talking about the show with one of my coworkers at DISH. They told me about all of the free anime that can be found online and I guess I went a little nuts.